Hi! i'm Jil Kabir, a seasoned digital marketing expert hailing from “Earth”.

I love to share my life with the world through my Blogs
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Creative, Empathetic, Driven, Tech-savvy, Passionate, Curious

Jil Kabir, an endearing digital marketing whiz from Dhaka, charms with her expertise in Digital Marketing, and SEO. Boasting over seven years of experience and a warm personality, she has collaborated with businesses to fuel their growth. Jil is an avid traveler who has already explored Singapore, Thailand, and India, enriching her life experiences.

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Photography is my passion, a way to capture and eternalize the breathtaking beauty of our world. Whether it’s the undulating dance of the sea, the vast expanse of the sky, or the myriad expressions of nature and animals, each snapshot tells a tale of its own. Capturing the essence of human spirit and the lush vibrancy of plants, each click of my camera is a heartfelt ode to the wonder that surrounds us.

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